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Viatran is the world leader in the design and manufacture of pressure transmitters for the secondary oil and gas recovery industry (i.e., fracturing, acidizing and cementing). Other applications include controlling the hydraulic drilling pressure downhole, rig safety, flow line pressure, additive metering pumps, subsea injection valves, and well clean outs. We invite you to explore all the options available by contacting our Application Engineers at 1.800.688.0030 or via Email:

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PDS Digital Drilling Technology is the cutting-edge hardware that will transform the drilling industry, delivering an integrated downhole drilling system for real-time decision making, drilling digitalization and automation. 

This new generation of downhole tools, based on bi-directional data transmission and surface power supply, is a revolutionary technology, to gain real-time measurements directly from the bit. The PDS not only takes full advantage of high bandwidth telemetry, which is 10,000 times more than the current mud pulse system, but with the power supply from the surface, which dramatically changes operations cost of such systems. PDS eliminates the use of batteries and downhole turbines. 

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proNova is the solution for dilling opimtization as the pioneer of digital drilling performance analysis.

proNova is the core product of TDE, the data-driven enabled technology founded upon the patented Automated Operations Recognition System, which allows clients to unlock the true potential of their drilling data through the unique web-based analysis and reporting service. Established in 2000, proNova features customized, drilling data analytics solutions to maximize drilling efficiency for operators and contractors, with more than 40,000 wells processed and an average savings potential of 30%.

As the international industry-leader of holistic drilling data, aggregation, processing, analysis and big data services, the proNova group is continuously utilizing its expertise to develop innovative solutions to enforce drilling into the digital age, with the proficiency to produce advanced specialized technical equipment for the oil and gas industry. 

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Weco Union pressure transmitter

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