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The business case for proactive data management to transcribe archive legacy data is resounding:

Operators and partners’ legal obligations are fulfilled, storage costs are dramatically reduced, whilst the threat of technological obsolescence is removed and the risk of data loss mitigated. Redundant data are converted into live assets with tangible value and are readily accessible for analysis with the latest data processing technology.

We just transcribed a single 3D survey covering over 8500x 3480 tapes, residing in 300 boxes, stored on 4 pallets, weighing over 2.5 tonnes to a single external 2TB USB HDD, ready for upload to the Cloud.

The nature and diversity of seismic acquisition and processing techniques, together with a litany of historical formats, means handling these data can be a minefield. Without expert personnel who posses a comprehensive experience of past field practices and procedures together with an understanding of current industry standards and technology applications, data can easily be corrupted or even lost forever during the management of this valuable commodity.