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Bayard Bradford is a leading online marketing agency for industrial and oilfield companies. We are a...

Bayard Bradford is a leading online marketing agency for industrial and oilfield companies. We are a HubSpot Platinum Agency Partner specializing in online lead generation programs through content marketing, SEO and PPC advertising. HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core.Contact us for a free consultation.

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Æsir Nettverk allows operators, service providers and other parties to connect their systems quickly and work together in a single environment with cross collaboration between all parties. Our iBPMS and Æsir Nettverk both integrate with ALL industrial data platforms. Companies are able to maximize their investments in these platforms by making the data executable across the entire Value Chain.

A first for Oil & Gas, multiple companies can now work together in a single environment with dramatic increases in efficiency, lowered down times and reduced costs.

Intelligent processes specific to the needs of each party can be rapidly created and modified with our Zero Code software. 

Æsir Nettverk provides full integration of all systems involved.-ERP’s, IoT, SCADA, and all types of software.

To schedule a briefing or demonstration please email us at

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The business case for proactive data management to transcribe archive legacy data is resounding:

Operators and partners’ legal obligations are fulfilled, storage costs are dramatically reduced, whilst the threat of technological obsolescence is removed and the risk of data loss mitigated. Redundant data are converted into live assets with tangible value and are readily accessible for analysis with the latest data processing technology.

We just transcribed a single 3D survey covering over 8500x 3480 tapes, residing in 300 boxes, stored on 4 pallets, weighing over 2.5 tonnes to a single external 2TB USB HDD, ready for upload to the Cloud.

The nature and diversity of seismic acquisition and processing techniques, together with a litany of historical formats, means handling these data can be a minefield. Without expert personnel who posses a comprehensive experience of past field practices and procedures together with an understanding of current industry standards and technology applications, data can easily be corrupted or even lost forever during the management of this valuable commodity.

Moveout Data's proprietary seismic and navigation data QC & processing software.

Metaseis™ has been developed in house to ensure our clients benefit from a service that is tailored to their individual specifications.From forensically identifying problems with vintage data formats to displays and analysis of large volumes of processed data, its dynamic features enable us to respond to new requirements and evolving data standards as they arise.

A good strategy is simple: it is the effective allocation of business resources. Our SABRE business simulation programs accelerate learning, leaving participants with proven tools and methodologies for developing winning business strategies. The SABRE simulation is used at Wharton, Duke Ivey, IMD, Booth, UNC, and other top MBA and EMBA programs for one simple reason – it works. 

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Launching a new Product? Do you know what’s it worth? Who’s interested? Which attributes bring customer valuable? Stop Guessing, and start truly understanding the levers for success behind each product launch. IIBD’s Customer iSight Study uses conjoint analysis to answer all the above questions while predicting future purchase behaviour with 94.8% accuracy. Using our Customer iSight Study, we’ve helped launch billion dollar blockbusters and numerous multimillion dollar new products.  

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Viatran is the world leader in the design and manufacture of pressure transmitters for the secondary oil and gas recovery industry (i.e., fracturing, acidizing and cementing). Other applications include controlling the hydraulic drilling pressure downhole, rig safety, flow line pressure, additive metering pumps, subsea injection valves, and well clean outs. We invite you to explore all the options available by contacting our Application Engineers at 1.800.688.0030 or via Email:

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Ideal for the repair or maintenance of all kinds of metals or alloys.  Multimetall can be applied even if the surface is contaminated by oil, grease, fat, or fuel.  MultiMetall is recommended for:

  • Transformer Radiators
  • Leak Sealing Under Pressure
  • Oil Sumps
  • Engine Blocks
  • Pipings
  • Fuel Tanks

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Oilex is an organic binder which is able to absorb all kinds of oil, fuels, chemicals, blood, etc. very quickly and effectively. Oilex is universally applicable on water, asphalt or on the ground and is used to combat impurities and environmental catastrophes. The natural fiber is not toxic, it has no negative effect on the environment and it can be dis- posed of without any problems.

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MaxePoxy protection and repair technology products are special cold-welding type polymers that rebuild, repair, and protect providing high mechanical and chemical resistance.

The MaxePoxy can be used in repairs of various materials such as steel, iron, aluminum, bronze, elastomers, ceramics, etc. for the most diverse types of damages on equipment such as cracks, erosion, failure of casting, abrasion, corrosion, cavitation and chemical attacks.

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TapeGlass, used for industrial pipe repair and reinforcement, is a fiberglass tape impregnated with water-activated resin for repairing pipes of any diameter in just a few minutes. It can be activated by salt or fresh water.

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proNova is the solution for dilling opimtization as the pioneer of digital drilling performance analysis.

proNova is the core product of TDE, the data-driven enabled technology founded upon the patented Automated Operations Recognition System, which allows clients to unlock the true potential of their drilling data through the unique web-based analysis and reporting service. Established in 2000, proNova features customized, drilling data analytics solutions to maximize drilling efficiency for operators and contractors, with more than 40,000 wells processed and an average savings potential of 30%.

As the international industry-leader of holistic drilling data, aggregation, processing, analysis and big data services, the proNova group is continuously utilizing its expertise to develop innovative solutions to enforce drilling into the digital age, with the proficiency to produce advanced specialized technical equipment for the oil and gas industry. 

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PDS Digital Drilling Technology is the cutting-edge hardware that will transform the drilling industry, delivering an integrated downhole drilling system for real-time decision making, drilling digitalization and automation. 

This new generation of downhole tools, based on bi-directional data transmission and surface power supply, is a revolutionary technology, to gain real-time measurements directly from the bit. The PDS not only takes full advantage of high bandwidth telemetry, which is 10,000 times more than the current mud pulse system, but with the power supply from the surface, which dramatically changes operations cost of such systems. PDS eliminates the use of batteries and downhole turbines. 

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MN7.NRG is an integrated digital production optimization solutions provider to boost the performance of reservoir and well production.

MN7.NRG utilizes the power of data analytics, AI and with more than 100 years of combined expertise of international reservoir, geology, production, completion and drilling experts, and 19 years of providing drilling data-driven services for major international clients.

Currently, more than 1500 wells have been analysed, and with 20 years’ worldwide production optimization studies connected through one environment, MN7.NRG is the in-house engineering and support service for field development optimization.

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