ROVCO Ocean Insight, one of Oil TechConnect's valued members and partner, was the Headline Sponsor at the Subsea Expo in Aberdeen (05-07 Frebruary 2019).

ROVCO were highlighting their latest innovative technology with particular focus on their SubSlam X1 - A disruptive live 3D vision technology providing accurate underwater reconstructions, measurements and relative positioning in real-time.

Brett Laurenson, Head of Sales, described how Rovco provide the world's most detailed ROV and hydrographic surveys. "Our high resolution MBES, 4K video and live 3D vision systems deliver unmatched levels of measurable information. By continually investing in R&D we create the latest AI and computer vision technologies for the Subsea Industry. We deliver the next generation of actionable data, rapidly improving the efficiency of subsea inspection".

Brett added that Rovco deliver their latest technologies through an in-house fleet of ROV's, ensuring reliable, repeatable and actionable data that improves knowledge of asset integrity.

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