Amarinth has invested more than US$1.3mn in the design of a reliable low-maintenance range of API 610 VS4 vertical sulphur pumps for the oil and gas industry.

Amarinth is a company specialising in the design, application and manufacture of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment to the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, industrial and power markets.

The company has drawn on its extensive expertise in designing tailor-made pumping solutions for the oil and gas industry and applied this knowledge to produce a vertical pump API 610 VS4 that meets the requirements for reliably pumping molten sulphur.

The company undertook a detailed study of existing sulphur pumps (usually simple adaptations of existing designs) and how they were used and maintained to determine where problems occurred. Users reported high incidents of bearing failures, shaft problems, and significantly shorter maintenance periods to try and minimise failures, all of which resulted in increased downtime for plants.

Oliver Brigginshaw, managing director of Amarinth, said, “We are delighted to offer these sulphur pumps, designed to meet the exacting needs of the oil and gas industry, in our extensive range of API 610 pumps.”

“These sulphur pumps are the culmination of many years’ research and development by our team of dedicated engineers and we have pioneered a number of new technologies in their design which we look forward to applying in future applications,” he added.


image source: Amarinth