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Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Summit 2019 The Oil & Fuel Supply Chain Security Summit, taking place in London, 16-18 April 2019, is the world’s only platform focused on countering a multi-billion dollar threat to government, operator and retailer revenue by preventing fuel fraud, subsidy abuse and securing the supply chain. This institutionalised criminal activity is a serious worldwide problem, diverting billions of dollars away from government funds - estimates suggesting that the total cost to the global economy in 2017 was in excess of $133 billion. Smuggling, laundering and adulteration not only divert state revenues but damage brand integrity and deliver substandard and often harmful products to the market. This multi billion dollar challenge requires effective solutions to accurately identify minimal levels of dilution and differentiated fuels by illuminating the supply chain to isolate both intentional and unintentional fuel manipulation. In April 2018, we provided the first platform to address the mechanisms by which this criminal activity takes place. Our initiative identified that greater attention and efforts are needed in order to prevent oil and fuel products from entering the illegal market. In responding to this, the 2019 conference will deliver additional exploration of security and surveillance solutions to counter illegal bunkering, ship-to-ship transfers and the tapping of pipelines, storage facilities and other transportation infrastructure.
Date and Time
Tue , Apr 16, 2019 - Thu , Apr 18, 2019
Hilton London Canary Wharf, South Quay Marsh Wall London E14 9SH

United Kingdom