A New Way of Networking

Attend and Exhibit in a Worldwide Trade Show - Every Day
One Oil Industry. One Platform.
So, what is the problem?
And what are we doing about it?

It is increasingly difficult to find the latest technologies, trends, investment opportunities, experts, business partners and local events that are relevant to the oil and gas industry. Many networking sites have created an often-confusing picture that is too general and diluted to be relevant to many professionals; other sites have become mere portals for recruitment.

OilTechConnect.com has created an INDUSTRY specific platform that allows a genuine and pertinent mode of communication between Oil and Gas Professionals, Technology Companies, Consultants, Investment Companies, Local Business Partners and Event Hosts.

Our Vision.

OilTechConnect.com will become the Oil and Gas Industry’s premium provider of a 'virtual' Trade Show, everyday, where professionals can mingle, discuss, advise and promote their skills, their knowledge, their company and the latest technology in a world that can no longer afford the luxury and expense of physical shows & conferences.

Core Values. Our Promise...

Privacy: We believe privacy is a fundamental right and we do not 'need' legislation to make us do the right thing. OilTechConnect.com was developed after the implementation of GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulations) and has been designed from the ground up to protect your information in full compliance with the expectations of our members and the strictest of laws. We will always empower you to choose what you share, how you share it and with whom.

Integrity: We will always strive to uphold the highest ethical standards, both within our own organization AND amongst our membership. The key to the success of OilTechConnect.com is our members believing and trusting in the people and information they see within our great professional community.

Innovation: We believe the industry needs a truly effective way to develop and promote innovation. It is the only way our industry (and especially its multitude of SME's) will survive the challenges of the coming years. We promise to ensure OilTechConnect.com continues to develop but remains true to its purpose of promoting innovative technologies, services and people.

HSE: We will never knowingly promote or support the promotion of any unsafe product or service. HSE will always remain an integral factor to our site, our content and our organization in order to protect our members, our employees and everyone connected with the Oil and Gas industry.

Our Leadership Team
The OilTechConnect.com Leadership Team comprises of experienced Oilfield & Business Professionals.
The team are committed to providing a platform for technology and innovation to flourish in the Global Oil and Gas Industry.
Lester Clark Co-Founder
Lester brings over 30 years of Oilfield experience introducing new technology across the globe while based in UK, USA, Russia and Africa. Most Recently he was Chief Operating Officer at AOS Orwell Ltd. Notable roles include Product Manager, Drilling Services Director and Operations Director at Baker Hughes and Vice President at Acteon Group Ltd. Lester has a BSc in Mechanical & Offshore Engineering and an MBA from Robert Gordon University. He is a technology enthusiast and holds two US patents.
Liuba Clark Company Secretary
Liuba has over 10 years experience of running a number of independent commercial enterprises in Russia, China, UK and Africa. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Russian and has previously worked as a Business Translator in the Oil and Gas Industry. She holds an MA in International Business Management from London Metropolitan Business School and an MBA from ESCEM (École Supérieure de Commerce Et de Management), Paris, France.
Jason Henry Marketing Director
Jason brings over 30 years of Oil & Gas Industry experience with 20+ years at Baker Hughes across various international locations. Most recently Managing Director at JTH Consulting Ltd, his previous roles include Vice President of Business Development with Aker Solutions; Vice President of Business Development and Board Member with Deep Casing Tools Ltd and Global Director of Sales with GE Oil & Gas. Jason has a BSc in Geology and an MSc in Mineral Industry Operations, Design & Management. He also has an Advanced Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.
Nick Gibson Commercial Director
Nick brings over 30 years of Oil and Gas Industry experience. He currently works as an Industry Consultant, specializing in oilfield digital technologies and business solutions. Prior to that, he worked as the UK General Manager and Sales Manager for two digital technology start up companies. Nick has a BSc in Geophysics, an MSc in Geology and an MBA.

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